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Moving: An Impossible Task

Several years ago my partner Michael and I moved from Ukiah to Santa Rosa, California. We’d been living in Mendocino County for more than twenty years. The house had a surprising amount of space where “stuff” could be stuffed—out of sight, out of mind so to speak. For over twenty years we didn’t have to make any decisions about what to keep and what move out of the space. That is until we started packing up [...]

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Thomas Moore

Reimagining A Religion That Feeds Your Soul with Thomas Moore, Ph.D.

Church attendance continues to decline as many of us abandon the religious institutions of our youth. However, in today’s culture the search for the sacred has never been more active. Thomas Moore suggests that nature, art, and accessing the wealth of traditional spiritual wisdom can be of enormous help in revivifying our relationship to religion. We need to abandon the dogma and set our compass according to our personal values and philosophy as we search for [...]

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What Color Is Your Palette

Recently I attended the Wisdom 2.0 conference and pushed my edge by sitting in on the Wisdom and Technology day-long Intensive. I found myself in a room full of tech-savvy developers, tech entrepreneurs, and Silicon Valley workers, etc. It definitely pushed my edge. Just keeping up with the language was a challenge. I debated with myself whether to change to another intensive where my comfort level would be much higher, such as the Wisdom and Women, [...]

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Thank You

Back Stage Pass

I’m coming up to the one year anniversary since Michael, my dear friend, husband, and partner in New Dimensions for 40 years, passed and I’m pondering that great mystery beyond this physical reality. Some years ago Michael’s Mother Dee arranged her life so that Michael could be there for her great transition. She made a Herculean effort to move from San Francisco to Ukiah to be close to Michael when her health was failing. I remember [...]

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Joyous New Year!

Angels in My Closet

“The sun is peeking through the misty rain as its light brightens the Ukiah valley for the first time on the first day of the new year.” I wrote these words as I was sorting through belongings Michael and I had accumulated for over two decades. We were preparing to move fifty miles south. The following is more of what I wrote at that time, and it is just as relevant now as it was three years ago [...]

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Happy Isles

Happy Isles

As I’m preparing for an upcoming interview with Rick Hanson, Ph.D., I’m feeling excited by his many good ideas for how to rewire our brains to cultivate joy and happiness rather than fear and negativity. His research shows that, even in the most hectic day, if we take 10 seconds several times a day to acknowledge a positive experience, it will build new synaptic pathways in the brain that will be an antidote for our more negative, [...]

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Good, Good Vibes from Sondra Barrett, Ph.D.

A recent guest, biologist Sondra Barrett, Ph.D., and author of Secrets of Your Cells: Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence had this to say about New Dimensions: “What is essential about New Dimensions is the broad range of subjects and that you can trust the caliber of guests. For decades it has been a most respected place to listen.” She gave us permission to reprint a recent essay she wrote for her newsletter below. With a growing emphasis on energy [...]

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Anat Baniel

Creating Enthusiasm

Join me for a simple, yet profound, practice of creating enthusiasm, inspired by New Dimensions guest, Anat Baniel, who works with children and adults with special needs, and is the author of Kids Beyond Limits: Breakthrough Results for Children with Autism, Asperger’s, Brain Damage, ADHD, and Undiagnosed Developmental Delays. She says, “Enthusiasm is a profound act of bringing godlike inspiration to the process.” To begin, remember a time when you were feeling enthusiastic, a time when [...]

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William McDonough

Principled Design Based On The Laws Of Nature with William McDonough

McDonough is committed to helping humankind remake how we make things so as to not pollute the environment and therefore ourselves. He’s convinced that we can live a healthy and sustainable life on the planet if we start asking ourselves the right questions. He speaks about how we need to look closely at nature where nothing is thrown away. Everything in the natural world is used and reused over and over. This is what he means [...]

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My Sister Is My Mentor and My Dearest Friend

For the past twenty years my sister, Juliette, has been my dearest friend and mentor. Our relationship was not always this easy or loving. We grew up in a household with very little adult supervision, so much of my relationship with my older sister, with whom I shared a room, was filled with strife, stemming from my need for approval and acceptance. I was much like a little puppy dog following her around longing for her [...]

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Terry Tempest Williams

Finding Voice For Authentic Conversation with Terry Tempest Williams

Terry takes us on a whirlwind tour of what it means to give voice to our own authenticity. It requires deep listening and fertile silences. She encourages us to speak “Mother Tongue.” That is speaking from the belly rather than the mind. She laments that in Western culture “the language of economics has power, the language of the law has power, the language of science has power. But an intelligence of the heart, an emotional intelligence, [...]

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Deidre Combs, Ph.D.

The Four Seasons Of Moving Through Tough Times with Deidre Combs, Ph.D.

There are four phases that show up again and again in order to thrive in challenging times and Combs equates them to the seasons. We get a medical report, we’re facing a divorce, or coping with the death of a loved one. It’s in the autumn when things are falling apart. Combs describes the other seasons thusly, “We recognize there’s some period where things get really dark. We are feeling helpless; that’s the winter of tough [...]

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spirit house

A Spirit House

As I’m leaning back in my chair, taking a break from the narrow confines of my computer screen, my eyes wander over to a brightly painted and bejeweled birdhouse that sits on top of the bookcase in my office. Actually, I call it my spirit house. It is about 7 inches tall, 7 inches wide and 4 inches deep. It has a steeply pitched roof and two small round holes on the front of it that [...]

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Mark Matousek

Crossing The Murky Moral Terrain Of Ethics with Mark Matousek

Are there universal human ethics? Are we moving toward a more ethical future? Mark Matousek has interviewed and researched the subject of ethical wisdom with social scientists, spiritual leaders, ex-cons, altruists and philosophers. He’s examined morality from all angles and suggests that ethics just may be a minefield of opposing ideologies, special interests, and temperamental proclivities. The good news is that humans are hardwired to care for one another, we have a sense of justice and fairness, [...]

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Joe McHugh

Two Cultural Cycles: Logos And Mythos with Joe McHugh

Using the Greek myth of Perseus and Medusa, McHugh describes how we are turned to stone by the very technologies we’ve invented. Throughout time human culture has been dominated by these technologies and sometimes they play into our mythos knowing and at other times they play into our logos knowing. When he refers to mythos knowing, he is talking about sensory knowing. He says, “[Mythos] is larger than just our five senses…Emotion as well as intuition, ESP, premonitions, and dreams [are all] sensation based. [...]

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John Backman

Dialogue: A Habit Of The Heart with John Backman

What often passes for dialogue these days is negotiation or debate. However, Backman feels the true aim of dialogue isn’t about convincing another to see things the way you see them, “Dialogue is aimed at mutual understanding …to nudge [toward the] reality of the situation as it is.  [I]t’s about understanding one another much more deeply so that, if we do have to act together, we might be able to take up joint action.”If we walk away [...]

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David Hanscom, M.D.

Dealing With Chronic Pain with David Hanscom, M.D.

Having had had two spinal surgeries, ending up with kidney failure, ulcers and post-operative infection, Hanscom has first-hand knowledge of chronic pain. This has left him with extreme empathy for patients who come to him. Since medical school he’s educated himself on mind/body syndromes. Discovering he had a lot of anger issues he says, “I wrote a section in my book called the disguises of anger and, looking backward, I could see that I had every disguise [...]

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Noticing Kindness

Do affirmations work? What if you’ve been looking for a job for months with no results? What if your home is being threatened by foreclosure? These are no small things and there are too many of us in this very place. Saying over and over, “I’m attracting more and more abundance in my life” when we don’t really believe it, can be counterproductive. So, what can we do when we are feeling stressed out and worried [...]

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Terry Laszlo Gopadze

The Power Of Stories To Heal with Terry Laszlo-Gopadze

For Terry Laszlo-Gopadze the idea of sharing stories of spiritual power was born out of a struggle with her own health problems, grief for her desperately ill father, and sadness over her mother’s placement in a nursing home. She found mentors who guided her on a path of healing and growth by the stories they told. Writer and spiritual activist Christina Baldwin, in a story in the book, says, “In a crisis of such proportion as the [...]

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Susan Sachs Goldman

The Quakers, Forging America’s Identity with Susan Sachs Goldman

Quakers, also known as “the Society of Friends”, have been part of American history for over 300 years and America’s whole national character and moral fabric has been affected by their commitment to peace and social equality. They arrived in the mid-1600s and from the start worked for responsible relations with Native Americans. They denounced slavery and were early advocates for women’s rights. Unlike the Puritans they were tolerant of all religious beliefs. Even though they [...]

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