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Judith Orloff

Surrender Is The Doorway with Judith Orloff, M.D.

When physician Judith Orloff is asked what’s the most important factor in health and recovering from illness, her answer is surrender. It’s her experience that surrender must be the engine that drives all choices about healing. However, it must be pointed out that surrender, in her definition, doesn’t mean giving in or giving up. “Surrender is the ability to flow with life and accept what is rather than pushing and fighting and struggling with life all the [...]

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Fran Smith and Sheila Himmel

Compassionate End-of-Life Care with Fran Smith and Sheila Himmel

We all hope for dying well and living fully until we do. The truth is that we don’t have a choice about whether or not we’re going to die, but sometimes we have a choice about whether our dying is going to be easier or harder. The hospice movement has been integral in helping patients and their families move through this most intense transition of dying. Not only does it offer support to the patient, it supports the [...]

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Sim Van der Ryn

Designing With Nature In Mind with Sim Van der Ryn

Sim Van der Ryn has been a leading proponent of the green building movement (even before it was known as that), and for more than a half a century has been leading the way to a more regenerative, resilient, and sustainable future. It is his hope that society will increasingly acknowledge the critical value to our health and well-being by our connection to nature, and that designing in collaboration with nature will become a major tool [...]

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Vicki Robin

Eating Local Food As An Act Of Belonging with Vicki Robin

Food is among our most basic human needs. 200 years ago in the US, everyone ate local food, and farming was a primary profession. However, industrial agriculture has distanced us from the hands that grow and process our food. If you are over 60 you’ve seen, in your lifetime, your food shifting from local to industrial. We’ve become more and more disconnected from the knowledge of where our food comes from. Can making some small commitment [...]

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Jonathan Ellerby

Rediscovering Your Path with Jonathan Ellerby, Ph.D.

“Spirituality is about your deepest relationship to the things that matter—what’s important, who am I, and what is my role in the world. Everyone has to grapple with those questions. So even someone who claims not to be spiritual, they still live those questions. The spiritual journey requires time and it requires cultivation. So in a sense it becomes the foundation of life.” And so, Jonathan Ellerby’s spiritual journey includes helping others develop practices that bring meaning [...]

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Moving: An Impossible Task

Several years ago my partner Michael and I moved from Ukiah to Santa Rosa, California. We’d been living in Mendocino County for more than twenty years. The house had a surprising amount of space where “stuff” could be stuffed—out of sight, out of mind so to speak. For over twenty years we didn’t have to make any decisions about what to keep and what move out of the space. That is until we started packing up [...]

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Thomas Moore

Reimagining A Religion That Feeds Your Soul with Thomas Moore, Ph.D.

Church attendance continues to decline as many of us abandon the religious institutions of our youth. However, in today’s culture the search for the sacred has never been more active. Thomas Moore suggests that nature, art, and accessing the wealth of traditional spiritual wisdom can be of enormous help in revivifying our relationship to religion. We need to abandon the dogma and set our compass according to our personal values and philosophy as we search for [...]

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Kurt Koontz

The Camino de Santiago: A Pilgrimage Trek with Lydia B. Smith and Kurt Koontz

Over a period of thirteen hundred years, more than two million people have ventured down the sacred path of the Camino de Santiago. The northern route of this pilgrimage trek starts in the Pyrenees in France and takes pilgrims 500 miles to the west of Spain. Koontz describes the auberges (hostels) where one might be sleeping in a room with 200 people and sharing a bunk bed. When somebody moves in their sleep they shake the whole [...]

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Phil Cousineau

Thoughts To Get You Through The Night with Phil Cousineau

Phil Cousineau is a Renaissance man who has been able to maintain a wonder and awe about life which has stoked his creative fires for many decades. For him, the night is a companion for creativity. He describes how civilization arose from sitting around a fire in the night, “Before the [discovery of] fire, we were probably together for very short periods and living instinctually. But when we could stretch the day into the night and [...]

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What Color Is Your Palette

Recently I attended the Wisdom 2.0 conference and pushed my edge by sitting in on the Wisdom and Technology day-long Intensive. I found myself in a room full of tech-savvy developers, tech entrepreneurs, and Silicon Valley workers, etc. It definitely pushed my edge. Just keeping up with the language was a challenge. I debated with myself whether to change to another intensive where my comfort level would be much higher, such as the Wisdom and Women, [...]

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Jan Frazier

When Fear Is Gone with Jan Frazier

Jan Frazier was your average working mother, living your average American life, dealing with the same issues we all deal with—child care, making ends meet, trying to take care of a pressing health concern. Suddenly all the worries and fear fell away, and all that was left was the present moment and an endless state of peace and joy. Jan Frazier was awake.  Oddly enough, her new, unexpected state of enlightened awareness felt more normal than [...]

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Mark Nepo

Listening Is A Personal Pilgrimage with Mark Nepo

Nepo describes deep listening as a very active and engaging process, a pilgrimage of sorts. It is an act of opening our hearts to whatever is before us. This is ultimately a transformative journey that is constantly unfolding and emerging. Deep listening informs our friendships, our giving and receiving, our place in the web of relationship with all life. We find our own footing when we’ve been truly seen and witnessed. Here, Nepo gives many examples [...]

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Changing Your Brain Toward The Good with Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

Our brain is wired with a negative bias. Therefore, if we want to be happier, more loving, and more resilient we need to develop inner strengths towards a more positive state of mind. Hanson shows us an effective and proven way to do just that. He suggests ways to create new synapses in the brain which will wire us up to bring in the good and reinforce positive traits that ultimately change the structure of our [...]

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Alan Kaufman

The Redemption Of The Soul Of A Writer with Alan Kaufman

Psychologists say that in a family of Holocaust survivors, there is one child who is the designated “Memorial Candle,” the one to whom the survivor imparts the experience of the Holocaust. Kaufman believes he was nominated to be the one to receive his mother’s suffering, anguish, and disappointments. He recounts the poignant story of retracing his mother’s escape from the Nazis, from Paris to the South of France and then into the North of Italy. Inexplicably, his traveling [...]

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Thank You

Back Stage Pass

I’m coming up to the one year anniversary since Michael, my dear friend, husband, and partner in New Dimensions for 40 years, passed and I’m pondering that great mystery beyond this physical reality. Some years ago Michael’s Mother Dee arranged her life so that Michael could be there for her great transition. She made a Herculean effort to move from San Francisco to Ukiah to be close to Michael when her health was failing. I remember [...]

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Christine Page

Illness As A Message From The Soul with Christine Page, M.D.

Page suggests there is an underlying psychological and emotional component to illness, and this makes up the soil of the body. Page believes illness is a lived experience of the mind/body/spirit and not just a physiological episode. When working with someone, she asks herself, “What is the underlying disturbance and disharmony that is going on in these tissues that allow a virus to get in?” She looks at the emotional keys that unlock the genetic status [...]

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Priscilla Stuckey

Beyond Humans, Widening Our Circle Of Friends with Priscilla Stuckey, Ph.D.

Stuckey begins this conversation by telling three stories — how an eagle, a bougainvillea bush, and the birch tree of her childhood all communicated with her in some way. We think we are alone, but Stuckey points out “we are deeply connected with all others with whom we share our lives.” She encourages us to be aware of our connection with all the life that surrounds us, even in cities. In response to the idea that the world [...]

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Anodea Judith

Humanity Moving From Adolescence To Maturity with Anodea Judith, Ph.D.

Judith takes us through three epochs of humanity, describing them as the “static feminine, dynamic masculine, and static masculine.” She describes both the positive and negative traits of each era. This dialogue moves through the history of human development into our present crisis and potential transformation. She says we are now entering the era of the “dynamic feminine” and that it is a time of the heart rather than power, “We’re actually coming toward the end of [...]

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Sherry Ruth Anderson

Aging: A Tender And Ferocious Time with Sherry Ruth Anderson, Ph.D.

What does the territory of aging look like in a society that worships youth? When a realization flashes into our consciousness that we are aging, we tend to tighten up with fear. Negative images of our parents, grandparents, and friends loom before us. Anderson counsels us to move from that gripping fear into curiosity, “If we could begin to have enough support to turn toward our questions and feel our curiosity or our interest and begin to [...]

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Gail and Porter Storey

Trekking The Pacific Crest Trail with Gail Storey and Porter Storey, M.D.

Gail poetically describes how the wilderness sanded her down to stillness, “Even as my body wore down, my heart opened. Like the snow plant, bursting red through the forest floor. Because of the mountains, the blue space of sky, the softness of green on gray rocks splashed with lichens? Or back in the desert, when colors took the place of thoughts: blue-purple lupines, creamy white yucca, prickly poppy yellow? Now, pearlescent cool air soothed my forehead and [...]

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