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Sherry Ruth Anderson

Aging: A Tender And Ferocious Time with Sherry Ruth Anderson, Ph.D.

What does the territory of aging look like in a society that worships youth? When a realization flashes into our consciousness that we are aging, we tend to tighten up with fear. Negative images of our parents, grandparents, and friends loom before us. Anderson counsels us to move from that gripping fear into curiosity, “If we could begin to have enough support to turn toward our questions and feel our curiosity or our interest and begin to [...]

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Gail and Porter Storey

Trekking The Pacific Crest Trail with Gail Storey and Porter Storey, M.D.

Gail poetically describes how the wilderness sanded her down to stillness, “Even as my body wore down, my heart opened. Like the snow plant, bursting red through the forest floor. Because of the mountains, the blue space of sky, the softness of green on gray rocks splashed with lichens? Or back in the desert, when colors took the place of thoughts: blue-purple lupines, creamy white yucca, prickly poppy yellow? Now, pearlescent cool air soothed my forehead and [...]

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Nature As Guide In Perilous Times with Osprey Orielle Lake

Seeing the peril and promise of this moment in time, Osprey tells stories that renew our energy and summon our will to rise up in meaningful ways for the sake of the natural world as well as all civilization. We must infuse our cultural discourse with the language and wisdom of nature. Lake shows us that lasting changes in our way of life will arise, and find broad support only when nature in all its transformative [...]

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Joyous New Year!

Angels in My Closet

“The sun is peeking through the misty rain as its light brightens the Ukiah valley for the first time on the first day of the new year.” I wrote these words as I was sorting through belongings Michael and I had accumulated for over two decades. We were preparing to move fifty miles south. The following is more of what I wrote at that time, and it is just as relevant now as it was three years ago [...]

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Embracing (Rather Than Fixing) Our Authentic Selves with David Bedrick, JD, DIPL PW

We are a society of armchair psychologists, who are constantly self-diagnosing. There are scores of books and television programs that suggest ways for us to reprogram and rid ourselves of disturbing feelings and behavior patterns. Bedrick is deepening the dialogue about the role and practice of psychology in today’s society. Much of mainstream or “pop” psychology give us plenty of labels, but does it go deep enough to motivate us to truly change destructive patterns? Bedrick [...]

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The Power Of Optimism In The Stories We Tell with David Mezzapelle

We are a storytelling species; it is how we learn. Remember how we suddenly became wide awake in school whenever our teacher said, “Let me tell you a story.” Mezzapelle has collected stories from a wide variety of people, each of whom express some example of courage and optimism. These stories contain what he calls, “positive forward thinking.” As he was growing up, he had an interest in the stories his relatives would tell. He says, “When I looked [...]

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Effective, Grassroots Activism with Sam Daley-Harris

Political will is not imposed from top down by politicians, but comes from the bottom up, from concerned citizens.  Sam Daley-Harris challenges civic despair and offers a powerful and effective model of citizen empowerment and leadership. His organization, RESULTS, is committed to healing the break between people and government, and to helping people take back their democracy.  He encourages us to change the way we view our role in establishing government priorities. This model is more [...]

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Happy Isles

Happy Isles

As I’m preparing for an upcoming interview with Rick Hanson, Ph.D., I’m feeling excited by his many good ideas for how to rewire our brains to cultivate joy and happiness rather than fear and negativity. His research shows that, even in the most hectic day, if we take 10 seconds several times a day to acknowledge a positive experience, it will build new synaptic pathways in the brain that will be an antidote for our more negative, [...]

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The Way Of The Heart With Rumi with Coleman Barks

When asked about living a life of the heart, Barks says, “Rumi has many ways of talking about that. Somehow breaking the container of the ego and moving out into some mystery. He says, ‘jars of spring water are not enough anymore. Being contained is not enough. Take us down to the river and then eventually to the ocean, the shoreless ocean.’ [There is a] kind of tenderness toward existence and a generosity toward human beings, and [...]

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Jean Houston

Co-Creating A Dream Of A Modern Day Oz with Jean Houston, Ph.D.

Here Houston takes us on a whirlwind tour of the authentic American myth of the Wizard of Oz. She answers the question of what it means to have a brain, a heart, and to act with courage. Using the characters of the scarecrow, tin man, lion, and Dorothy, Houston inspires us to follow our deep yearning in order to develop and contribute to a better world with our full human capacities, She tells us, “We are in the most [...]

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Sera Beak

Heretic of the Heart with Sera Beak

Beak traveled the world to fulfill her lifelong desire to find God and an authentic spiritual expression. She says, “I was really looking for this connection to the beloved that I have felt since I was a child…I have a natural respect for each of the religious traditions, I also felt pretty frustrated and a bit alone because try as I might, I couldn’t find a community, tradition, lineage, or a teacher that really resonated with my [...]

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Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey

Trusting A Loving Universe with Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey

“Our fundamental thesis is that we filter our entire life experience. Everything we think, everything we say, everything we do is a result of our beliefs.  Our core assumptions, our fundamental belief system, determines how we perceive reality, and this actually results in the world we experience, the world that we individually and collectively have created.”  Coming from divergent life experiences, they challenge a number of basic assumptions which have driven humanity’s behavior for millennia. The main [...]

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Good, Good Vibes from Sondra Barrett, Ph.D.

A recent guest, biologist Sondra Barrett, Ph.D., and author of Secrets of Your Cells: Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence had this to say about New Dimensions: “What is essential about New Dimensions is the broad range of subjects and that you can trust the caliber of guests. For decades it has been a most respected place to listen.” She gave us permission to reprint a recent essay she wrote for her newsletter below. With a growing emphasis on energy [...]

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Oscar Miro-Quesada

Restoring Harmony With Earth Honoring Ceremonies with Oscar Miro-Quesada

Growing up in Peru and spending many years in the U.S., Miro-Quesada has his feet planted firmly in both worlds.  He apprenticed himself to several revered Peruvian shamans and is an articulate translator of the wisdom he carries. He reminds us that we have mainly forgotten how interrelated all life is. He says, “Between material and spiritual universes, shamanism is pivotal in helping us enter into that state of interdependent relationship with the entire web of [...]

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Allen Klein

Humor Saves The Day From Loss with Allen Klein

Everyone has their own unique way of grieving loss. Klein says, “I believe loss is a gift; from every loss we learn. We learn, if nothing else, how precious life is. We need to appreciate what we have right now.” He speaks from the experience of losing his 34 year old wife, Ellen, to a rare terminal illness leaving him with a 12 year old daughter. Ellen’s death triggered a deeply personal inquiry. He asked himself such questions [...]

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Sondra Barrett

The Sacred Geometry Of Our Cells with Sondra Barrett, Ph.D.

Cells can only thrive in community; they need to connect with one another, and will call on each other as allies. And, when a cell needs a certain molecule, it actually embraces that molecule; it actually reaches out and hugs the molecule. This embrace is a universal principle of design. Barrett speaks of the sacredness of our cells related to how humans evolved. “The divine spark needs a container. I began thinking, God had to be a [...]

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Rupert Sheldrake

Science Set Free with Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D.

For the past three decades, British biologist Rupert Sheldrake has been asking questions that most scientists either haven’t thought of asking, or may be discouraged from asking by the unwritten codes that often prevail in our scientific and academic institutions. He thinks there are many other scientists “… who have spiritual interests, psychic experiences and so forth, that don’t or can’t talk about them to their colleagues. If they do so, they’ll find that many of their colleagues [...]

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Ronald Alexander

Navigating Crisis With Mindfulness Practices with Ronald Alexander, Ph.D.

There is no question that during our lifetime we will inevitably experience times of crisis and ultimately loss. Many of us feel powerless over the anxiety and confusion that arises during these times.  According to Ronald Alexander, we are actually not powerless over the impact of crisis; we can transform during these times to find more strength, more awareness, and more creativity in our lives through the practice of mindfulness.  This practice was first taught by [...]

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Anat Baniel

Creating Enthusiasm

Join me for a simple, yet profound, practice of creating enthusiasm, inspired by New Dimensions guest, Anat Baniel, who works with children and adults with special needs, and is the author of Kids Beyond Limits: Breakthrough Results for Children with Autism, Asperger’s, Brain Damage, ADHD, and Undiagnosed Developmental Delays. She says, “Enthusiasm is a profound act of bringing godlike inspiration to the process.” To begin, remember a time when you were feeling enthusiastic, a time when [...]

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Robyn Posin

Bringing Unconditional Love To Ourselves with Robyn Posin, Ph.D.

This dialogue explores how we may become more consistently gentle, more kind, and more tender with ourselves in this mad-paced world. How may we develop the habit of listening to that little voice inside that is so often ignored in the name of expediency? Posin suggests that we make an agreement with ourselves to take some part of every week to just listen. She says it’s important to make a habit of taking the time to [...]

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