Robert Bly

Into The Deep: Male Mysteries with Robert Bly


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An extraordinary visit with one of America’s leading poets provides a unique exploration of the mystery of maleness. Bly uses fairy tales to illuminate the dark recesses of the psyche, and the result is a powerful intimation of the male experience and potential. From the soft, feminine male persona to the deeply buried wildman, Bly takes us on a journey through unmapped territory of the masculine. For men and women, this is a conversation not to be missed.

Poet, translator and teacher, Bly is the author of many books including Light Around the Body (Harper & Row 1967), Loving a Woman In Two Worlds (Dial 1985), Man In the Black Coat Turns (Harper & Row 1982), The Winged Energy of Delight: Selected Translations (Harper Perenniel 2005), My Sentence Was a Thousand Years of Joy: Poems (Harper Perennial 2006).  He is also author of Iron John (Addison-Wesley 1990) and The Sibling Society (Addison-Wesley 1996). To learn more about the work of Robert Bly go to

Program Number: 1966            Host: Michael Toms                    Interview Date: 11/21/1985


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