Marion Woodman

Shedding Light On The Dark Goddess with Marion Woodman, Ph.D.


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Program Description

This program is a rich and deeply moving exploration of the Dark Goddess and her transformative power and wisdom. Marion Woodman reveals how to bring this feminine energy of life, death, and rebirth out of the oppression and mockery it has suffered for centuries. She tells how crucial it is for our planet right now: “The Dark Goddess puts you in touch with your authenticity-she carries the mothering that orphans need in order to bring them back into community. She is tough love-but love, total love.” Woodman offers ways to connect with this love, so that you can restore your spirit, bring peace to your mind and heal your body. She cites her own experience of seeing a tulip after intense radiation for cancer: “It was so red it hurt. Tears ran down my eyes with its sheer beauty.”

Marion Woodman is a Jungian analyst, an internationally known lecturer and workshop leader, and author of many books. She is co-author with Robert Bly of The Maiden King: The Reunion of Masculine and Feminine (Henry Holt 1998), and author of Leaving My Father’s House (Shambhala 1992), Dancing in the Flames: The Dark Goddess in the Transformation of Consciousness (Shambhala 1998), Addiction to Perfection (Inner City Books 1982), and Bone: Dying into Life (Penguin 2001). To learn more about the work of Marion Woodman go to

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • How the Dark Goddess can help you overcome illness
  • Woodmanís encounters with the Dark Goddess
  • Why the feminine is so crucial to our planet right now
  • What exactly is the Black Madonna?
  • How we split the whore and the Madonna in our culture
  • Why you may be so interested in television
  • Why does the body break down against itself?
  • How to release shame and find purity
  • The many faces of the Dark Goddess in various religions

Program Number: 2758                 Host: Michael Toms                    Interview Date: 2/9/1999


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