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Particia Aburdene

Building A Conscious Money Strategy with Patricia Aburdene

When it comes to money, we all want to learn to make better choices and do it more often. Patricia Aburdene, tells us that “money is the power of human consciousness in motion.”  She also goes on to say, as we choose the path of conscious money, we know decisively that finance, while still important, takes second place to the consciousness that creates it and the values that guide it. She points out that as the old [...]

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Integral Philosophy And Evolution with Steve McIntosh

Integral philosopher McIntosh says the way to approach truth is threefold: science, philosophy, and spirituality. He says, “[W]e know that the scientific, the philosophical, and the spiritual are three authentic and irreducible approaches to truth because there are three kinds of human experience. There’s the sensory experience, upon which science is based. There’s the experience of relationships and meanings that we come to through philosophy, and then there’s the spiritual experience which can’t be reduced to [...]

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Tessa Bielecki

A Wild And Laughing God with Tessa Bielecki

Have you ever imagined Jesus laughing? Tessa Bielecki has. She also reminds us that he was the one who made sure there was plenty of wine at that wedding party we’ve heard so much about. A lifelong Christian monastic who now lives in a cabin in the desert, she loves to share her vision of the wildness in Jesus, God, and spirituality in general, and will inspire you to bring a fresh, playful, spacious approach to [...]

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Charles Tart

Spiritual Beings In A Material World with Charles Tart, Ph.D.

“We have this spiritual nature but it’s being denied, and we hurt at some level because of that. Even scientists have this spiritual nature but it’s being denied. So spiritual people and scientists both say, ‘Isn’t the universe wonderful and complex and infinite and beautiful. Let’s be friends.’ That’s nice, but it ignores the fundamental conflict, and materialism says that spirituality is basically all a lot of crap. We’re not facing that root conflict, and that’s [...]

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True Transformation Is An Inside Job with Isha Judd

We are often trapped in the matrix of our intellect telling ourselves that we are victims of circumstances: it’s the economy, it’s my upbringing, it’s my job, my co-workers. Judd says, “[T]his moment is the only moment you can change and this moment defines your future moments. So when I focus on praise, love, gratitude, and giving . . . I create more of that.  If you are focusing on what is wrong, what is missing, or [...]

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